Chartjunkie Top Songs by Breaking Benjamin

 1 Breaking BenjaminGive Me A Sign (Forever And Ever)2010YouTube
 2 Breaking BenjaminSooner Or Later2005YouTube
 3 Breaking BenjaminThe Diary Of Jane2006YouTube
 4 Breaking BenjaminFailure2015YouTube
 5 Breaking BenjaminBreath2007YouTube
 6 Breaking BenjaminI Will Not Bow2009YouTube
 7 Breaking BenjaminSo Cold2004YouTube
 8 Breaking BenjaminLights Out2010YouTube
 9 Breaking BenjaminAngels Fall2015YouTube
 10 Breaking BenjaminUntil The End2007YouTube
 11 Breaking BenjaminPolyamorousYouTube
 12 Breaking BenjaminRain2005YouTube
 13 Breaking BenjaminSkinYouTube
 14 Breaking Benjamin featuring ValoraBlow Me Away2011YouTube